Temple Carrig School Lotto Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce a new initiative for raising funds for Temple Carrig School - a weekly lotto draw which takes place all year round. This new approach to fundraising will ensure that the necessary funds are raised to allow our students receive the very best they deserve. We need your support to make this possible. By participating you will be creating opportunities that would normally be beyond the ability of a school budget to provide. 


It is important to highlight that this lotto fundraiser will be the main way Temple Carrig School will fundraise going forward. This will allow all future PTA events to be purely social and for building the school community spirit. The jackpot will start at €500 and will increase every week until it is won with the maximum jackpot set at €5,000.


We hope that you can contribute €5 weekly for 3 lines which would be hugely appreciated and you never know you might just win or the weekly option of €2.50 for 1 line will allow everybody to contribute.


Please spread the word by inviting friends and family to take part too, as the more people that take part, the more funding will be available to do great things in our wonderful school. Please refer to the Our Fundraiser FAQ's for further details. Keep an eye on this site to see where the money raised is spent because you will have made that happen!


Thank you so much.
Alan Cox, Principal and Temple Carrig PTA Fundraising



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Trevor Phillips
22 Feb 2024
4 8 10 13
Not Won
Weekly Winner: Claire Doyle
15 Feb 2024
5 9 11 26
Not Won
Weekly Winner: Lisa Cavazza
8 Feb 2024
5 20 24 25
Not Won
Weekly Winner: John Glynn

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