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Why should I use Our Fundraiser?

Schools, parishes, clubs, charities and societies all face an annual funding challenge. Income is not keeping up with rising costs – insurance, utilities, repairs etc. There is much good work done to reduce these costs, but the funding challenge remains on how to get income to cover the running costs of the organisation.

The committees and councils that work hard to run these organisations want to do more than just cover the running costs. They are committed to providing the very best facilities.

This commitment costs more than the income they have and so funding is sought from the local community. There are multiple low value / high effort fundraising initiatives that organisations run to help with the funding needs. However, the success of these activities, such as cakes sales, bag packs, flag days etc, almost always falls to the same people.

We use technology to help fundraising in order to help provide the very best facilities and to build a strong community. We do this by creating and running a weekly draw just for your organisation. This allows your members and your community to directly support your organisation.

For less than the price of a coffee per week members can make an immediate impact for your organisation and have a chance to win your lotto Jackpot. The more people that participate, the bigger the Jackpot and the more money raised for your organisation.

How much will my organisation get?

Your organisation gets the majority of the ticket price. It’s up to you on how you divide this between fundraising for your organisation, the Jackpot and Weekly prize. 

Are there any risks for my organisation?

No, there are no risks to your organisation. There are no sign-up fees or recurring fees for your organisation and the organisation doesn’t guarantee any prizes. All prizes and fees are determined by the number of members participating.

Who deals with any questions?

We have a team ready to help with any questions and they can be contacted by emailing

How do I know if my fundraiser is a success?

We will send you a reporting pack every month which tells you how many supporters you have, who is supporting you, how many lines were played each week, who has won and a full financial statement on all monies received from your supporters.

How do I meet my governance requirements?

We will send you a full year statement in September of each year for the previous year e.g. in September 2020 we will send a statement for the period 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 which tells you by month how many supporters you had, who was supporting you, how many lines were played each week, who has won and a full financial statement on all monies received from your supporters.

How do you support the organisation?

We will provide you with a communications plan together with materials and suggested text for letters, emails and text messages that are sent to your members. These can be tailored by you to deliver a specific message. The materials can be printed and posted on noticeboards. We also provide you with your own dedicated web pages on our website for your members to join, check their results, check winners and see how much money is being raised.

What else does the we need to do?

Promote it. Call outs in your newsletter and website work best.

How do I start a fundraiser?

It’s easy, just click here to contact us and we can set up your fundraiser draw for you.

We make it really easy for you to set up and run your own fundraiser as we do all the work.