St. Patrick's Parish Monkstown Fundraiser

Your contribution will make a big difference! Thank you

It has been a strange and difficult year for everyone and we in St. Patrick’s Parish Monkstown appreciate all your help and look forward to you supporting our new Parish Fundraiser.

We are constantly trying to improve the facilities in St. Patricks s parish. When our churches were first locked down, we installed a parish webcam, and this has enabled many to participate in the celebration of mass every day. This has been exceptionally beneficial to family members overseas who can now participate in the funeral mass of their loved ones.


In parallel to this we have had to upgrade our broadband and re-developed our parish website, to facilitate the integration of the webcam. In addition to this, we are in the middle of a major refurbishment of the church roof.


With your support, I hope that we will be able to undertake these and other jobs in the future.

We understand the financial position for many of our families and hope that the weekly option of €2 per line will allow everybody to contribute.

If you can contribute €5 for 3 lines it would be greatly appreciated.
Please pass the word on and invite friends and family.

Thank you for your support and the best of luck in the weekly draw.

Fr. Kevin & Deacon Eric