St. Mochta’s Parish Fundraiser

Your contribution makes a big difference! Thank you

Welcome to the St. Mochta’s Parish fundraiser lotto. This is a fundraising initiative to supplement our regular parish income and to ensure that our Parish can continue to be an active, warm-hearted, and vibrant Faith community.

Our church is the centre point of so many of the significant dates in our lives, that they are part of who we are. 

Our fundraiser lotto will help fund the future development of our parish and help maintain the fabric of our church, a protected structure, which is much loved and holds precious memories for so many people.

We hope that the weekly option of 1 line for €2.50 will allow everybody to contribute. Please pass the word on and invite friends and family.

It would be hugely appreciated if you can contribute €5 for 3 lines, and you never know you might just win!

Thank you so much.

Fr. Damian McNeice (PP), Fr. Paul Ward, and the Parish Team