St Marys' Schools and Blessington Parish Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting our St. Marys' Schools and Blessington Parish fundraiser.

The St. Marys' Schools and Blessington Parish fundraiser launched in February 2020. It’s been a great success with lots of support from parents and parishioners. We are raising money every week which directly supports our schools and parish.

In the junior school we wish to improve out door learning experiences for our children through play and hands-on interactive SESE lessons. We firmly believe in the value of outdoor, physical interactive play. It benefits children of all abilities and is essential for their physical and social well being. In a world that is becoming more and more sedentary and dominated by screen time entertainment we have to create opportunities for learning through play. To that end we are fundraising for:

- The development of our school garden as an outdoor learning facility for Environmental Studies

- The purchase of outdoor play equipment for both free play and guided play

- The refurbishment of the rear playground surface to provide a softer and safer surface for outdoor play

- The replacement of our grass area with an All Weather Synthetic surface to be used throughout the year for PE and play time.

In the senior school we wish to improve our in class technology in order to provide the best learning experiences for our children. We will do this by purchasing the very latest interactive whiteboards and high definition touch screen displays. The touch screen displays allow children to huddle together at the screen, share their work, collaborate and view learning materials like detailed maps and images.

In the parish we have ongoing works to improve the church, sacristy and the Coimín Centre. We will prioritise these works to make the most positive impact for our parishioners.

The jackpot has not yet been won and continues to build each week and our thanks to our

Weekly Lucky Dip Winners - Andreea Patrici, Carmel Dillon, Tina McNamara, Donna Boylan, David Nolan, Tina McNamara, Raymond Horan, Jacqueline  Mooney, Barbara Broderick, John Paul Moran and Jane Byrne.

We understand the financial position for many of our families and hope that the weekly option of €2 per line will allow everybody to contribute. If you can contribute 3 lines for €5 it would be hugely appreciated and you never know you might just win! Thank you for your support and the best of luck in the weekly draw.

Carmel Dillon, Principal, St. Mary's JNS

Gerry Brown, Principal, St. Mary's SNS

Fr. Richard Behan, Parish Priest, Blessington Parish