St. Anne’s School Fundraiser

Thank you for your support.

Spring 2022 brings welcome signs of the reopening of society. We look forward to the return of pre covid style school. I wish to thank you for your cooperation and help over the past two years in particular.


On March 11, we will launch our St. Anne's NS Fundraiser Lotto. This is a new venture which will help fund plans to renew and enhance resources in a variety of areas in our school.

Even though an increasing amount of Department of Education grants are spent on rising energy and insurance costs, we want to provide the very best for our pupils in terms of equipment, computers, schoolbooks, art and craft and science materials. We want to make the school learning environment a pleasant one both externally and internally. We plan to share the benefits of the Fundraising Lotto among all pupils to enrich their school day and educational experiences.


With an initial focus on well-being, thanks to our fundraiser lotto we have recently purchased play and yard equipment for our pupils which will bring immediate positive benefits. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We hope that the weekly option of €2 per line will allow everybody to contribute.

If you can contribute €5 for 3 lines it would be hugely appreciated and you never know you might just win!

Best of luck!

Paul Corcoran, Principal.
St. Anne's NS Parents' Association.