Ballylanders Parish Fundraiser

Your contribution makes a big difference! Thank you

We appreciate your support for our parish fundraiser. The money will go directly to meet the shortfall in parish finances and to support future plans for the church. Your support is greatly appreciated. You have been very generous to the parish especially during the past ten years. Your generosity has enabled us to put new windows in the church and change the roof from been a cold one to a warm one both in the church and in the sacristy. We thank your generosity. Our last major project was the much-appreciated easy access provided by the new ramp.


Our future plans include replacing the fifty-year-old wiring in the church and enhancing the lighting. The ceiling panels also need an upgrade.


We also want to see the old Ballylanders church bell which has remained silent for over fifty year back in active use.

Thanks again for your support in the past, please support this new Lotto initiative.

Fr. Thomas Breen - Parish Priest