St. John’s N.S. Kenmare Fundraiser

Welcome to the St. John’s National School fundraiser lotto. This is a fundraising initiative and the money raised will be used to directly support your children’s education and resources for our school including IT and curricular resources. 


As a school we are committed to providing the very best for our pupils.


We will keep you updated about what we have been able to purchase so you can see the positive benefit of your support. We hope that the weekly option of 1 line for €2.50 will allow everybody to contribute.


It would be hugely appreciated if you can contribute €5 for 3 lines, and you never know you might just win!


Thank you so much.


 Barry O’Leary, Principal and the Parent’s Association




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Agnes Nozka

Weekly Winner

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13 Jun 2024
2 14 22 23
Not Won
Weekly Winner: Mary O Sullivan
6 Jun 2024
3 8 13 23
Not Won
Weekly Winner: Kathryn O'Sullivan
30 May 2024
9 11 13 16
Not Won
Weekly Winner: Jean O sullivan

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