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Why Our Fundraiser lotto is so popular

  • Delivers a high value recurring income 52 weeks of the year
  • So easy to launch and run, we do all the work
  • No charge to set up and launch
  • Your lotto draw, prizes, communications and new fundraiser website are just for your supporters
  • Helps build a sense of community and as it's online it enables everyone near and far to join in
  • Supporters love our fundraiser as it's so easy to join, they can win the Jackpot and weekly prizes and they can see how they make a big difference

How it works - it's as easy as 123!

It just takes a minute to join
and makes a real difference

1 - Play

Pick 4 numbers
or chose a Quick Pick

2 - Pay

Highly Secure Online Payment

3 - Win

Match 4 numbers to win your Jackpot or win your weekly 'Lucky Dip' prize 

For all good causes

Testimonials - Fundraisers and supporters love it!

About us

Our mission is to help the most important organisations in our community such as schools, parishes, charities, and clubs to fundraise to achieve their goals and be the best they can be for their community.

We do this by making it very easy for you to fundraise with your own online weekly fundraiser lotto which allows people to easily support your good cause.

For less than the price of a coffee per week, everyone in your community and far beyond can easily join in, see how they make a big difference whilst also having a chance to win the Jackpot and weekly prizes.

All the groups that we help, love our fundraiser because it raises a high value recurring income, requires no work, and helps build a strong sense of community.

Start your very own fundraiser lotto - it's so easy!

A dedicated fundraiser website designed especially for you, with your very own weekly lotto Jackpot draw and weekly prizes just for your supporters.

It's so easy, we do all the work!

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